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Ruth Hartley smiles at the camera. Her expression is friendly, pleased and engaging, inviting contact.She wears light-rimmed spectacles, a red-brown ribbed roll-neck top with a dark green-and-cream patterned pinafore over it, as well as ochre earrings and a black-and-ochre necklace.

Portrait of Ruth Hartley for ‘Raitz, Rites, Rights’ installation at the Leper Chapel Cambridge
Photographer: Douglas Atfield.

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I tell stories in words and images.
I want to share them with you. Your feedback and enquiries about my art, books and website are very welcome.

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I will enjoy the conversations that ensue. I hope you will too!


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  • Cover of The Shaping of Water by Storyteller Ruth Hartley
  • The Shaping of Water

    Read a story of love, loss, hope and the search for identity around the drowned valley of Kariba Dam, Zambia



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  • The Tin Heart Gold Mine

    Adventure with Lara, a successful artist, on a journey of intrigue, love and courage, via central Africa and London.

  • Cover of The Tin Heart Gold Mine by Storyteller Ruth Hartley