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Photo of book cover of The Tin Heart Gold Mine

A fascinating true story, full of humanity

I had the chance to meet the author in real, and then I decided to buy her book. I only chatted a bit with Ruth Hartley... However, when I started to read her story, I feel like I could hear her voice, I was recognizing the person I met and most of all I was finally understanding what she said about her books.

So, she tells her story starting from her childhood in Rhodesia and in South Africa, then her arrival in London, in England. Her life seems to be quite unique, from her point of view, she shows us a picture of the political situation in the South of Africa in the 60's. No necessary to tell more about her life, the story must to be read, you won't regret it, it is really well written and easy to read. I think it is a really good thing that she found the strength to speak of her life in a such way. It requires also a lot of courage.

I think I will read another of her books. I really liked her style, even if English is not my native language, so I can't really judge the level of English. To me, it was very good and very fluid though.

First posted by Chris Red on Amazon 19 Dec 2022

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