What is Art?

  • Is art a way of recording what we see?
  • So, a representation of the world we know?
  • Or a dance of colour and line in the same way as music and singing?
  • Can it only be made by a genius?
  • Must it be huge and cost a fortune to make?
  • What do we gain from art?
  • What do we give when we expose our art for people to interact with?

Art is a Journey

For me, art was a long journey that began with doubt about my ability and my motives and the monetary value and moral worth of what I did. It was a road I had to travel, however.

Then I realised that I wasn't alone. Many artists walk the same road knowing there may never be money or fame. Some of us are teachers.

Many just delight in sharing the power and pleasure of creativity that turns the dross of daily life into golden moments of insight.


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