June Gadsby — author of 24 multi-genre books

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June Gadsby smiling

June Gadsby

This post is to introduce my neighbour, the writer June Gadsby. We have known each other for over 7 years and June has been a kind and supportive friend. June and her husband have lived in this small corner of rural France for over 20 years and her lovely home and garden have hosted many pleasant gatherings. What is very important for me, is the creative drive that we all have, the need to express ourselves and tell the stories that really matter. I do enjoy contributions and comments from writers and readers which can be shared on this blog and I am delighted to post this article about June. Writing 24 books is a tremendous achievement.

A writer all her life

June Gadsby has been writing all her life, but it took a series of lucky coincidences to see her published.

Against the odds and by chance

Family and friends kept telling her that she would never succeed as a writer, but she ignored them and kept going until, quite by chance, a literary agent read an article she had written in a writers’ magazine. He contacted her, asking if he could help.

“I’m not at all ashamed to tell people that it took me half a century to get my first book into print,” says June. “And now I have 24 titles to my credit.”

A dry period after a death

A dry period struck with the death of her agent and the closure of his company, followed shortly by the closure of her publisher. However, undaunted, June contacted a Canadian publisher, Books We Love Limited and within 24 hours they had accepted to publish all her books, sight-unseen, in e-book and paperback.

Her latest book: Rosa

The cover of the book shows a lovely yong woman with long dark curling hair and the book title Rosa

Rosa – June Gadsby’s new book

“The latest, Rosa, is about to be published and I couldn’t be happier.”

June writes multi-genre books with passion, suspense, romance and humour.

If you would like to be on her mailing list contact her at June Gadsby and visit her on her Amazon Page.

The photo shows a French farmhouse with pink walls and an arched front door set in a garden

June’s home in rural France


7 Comments on “June Gadsby — author of 24 multi-genre books”

  1. June Gadsby

    Many thanks for the promo, Ruth. I’ve shared on my FB page and hope it will get you more readers.

    1. Ruth Hartley

      We both love readers don’t we June – and we hope they’ll tell us what they think of our stories!

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    1. Ruth Hartley

      And now June – your books will be translated! That’s wonderful. There was a real interest among the French readers in your books so I think you already have a market.

      1. June Gadsby

        I’m looking forward to seeing he first one – The Jealous Land, followed by the Christmas themed A Touch of Magic. This is a first for my publisher, so we shall see…

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