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Dust and Rain: Chipo and Chibwe save the Green Valley

Cover painting by Style Kunda

Two children make a perilous journey through the heart of modern and magical Africa to save their parents’ farm in the Green Valley from drought and climate change. Kambili brings the drought in a whirlwind of dust into the lives of CHIPO, an eleven-year-old girl with a special gift, and her brother, CHIBWE. Without rain, the family can’t grow food so the children run away to find Makemba, the Wise Woman in the Evergreen Forest who can teach them how to keep their valley green. They are kidnapped by criminals but escape and have extraordinary adventures as they journey to find Makemba and then take her magical river water to save the Valley and end the drought.

Please help me find young readers, reviewers to promote this important story

This exciting adventure story is for middle-grade readers at the start of high school. It raises issues around climate change, the environment, and the ways that we all can make a positive difference. It is a book that will awaken ideas and begin discussions that everyone can share on ecology and the environment.  

Style Kunda has painted the cover of my book

I am very happy that Style Kunda, an artist I have had the privilege to know and work with for many years, has painted this lovely cover for my story. I made some of the original drawings for my story myself and some of them are here. I have several paintings by Style and they are very precious to me.

The children meet the wicked Mr Wabenzi. My original drawing

I welcome opinions, comments, and reviews about my books on my website and Facebook page. 

They can be 60-second videos or just written sentences but please remember that you have to have your parents’ permission to post anything if you are underage. In any case, I would love to hear from you.

The children meet the wonderful Makemba in the Evergreen Forest. My drawing.

I’m a storyteller, poet and artist

I’ve spent most of my life in Southern Africa and left my heart in Zambia. I’m passionate about the environment, human rights and storytelling and all of these elements can be found in this book. Dust and Rain has now been printed and published. Launch dates are being decided. The book can be found here:

The children learn about the nature of animals from the Great Black Bull Imbolondo. My drawing

You can read all my blog posts about it here:

And you can find the review pages on my website.

The book can be bought from Gadsden Publishers at Plot 3779, Chilubulu Close, Olympia, Lusaka and Bookworld  in East Park and Manda Hilll as well the African Books Collective in UK and Europe.

Talking about the book in Lusaka

Gadsden Publishers have made arrangements for me to speak to children at Lubuto Library in Lusaka. I will be interviewed again by Daniel Sikazwe about the book and it will also be introduced on the WECSZ Chongololo Club of the Air .

I do believe that it is important to give children the tools to think and rethink. Good books can do this very well. I hope my book is one of those that starts to create interest in the importance of our natural world and extraordinary planet.

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