Dust and Rain needs your help please

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Mokoro paddles Chipo and Chibwe down the Great River so they learn how the environment is interconnected

Our world needs love

What we need now is love . . . just love . . . for all the world and for the people in it.

I’ve just been walking around my garden thinking of the best way to ask all of you — friends, readers, climate change activists, educators, mothers, fathers, children and adults — for your help.

Dust And Rain is about love

Dust and Rain – a book that needs your help to promote climate change awareness

My new book – Dust and Rain: Chipo and Chibwe save the Green Valley wants to find many more readers who can spread the message of love, so I need your help.

First of all, it’s a great story and a good read. The book is set in Africa, in Zambia, but it’s a universal story that children (and adults) everywhere will enjoy – and it does make you see things in new ways! See these reviews.

Second, it’s an important book about climate change and the environment (and it would make a great film!). When I first dreamed up Dust and Rain for my five-year-old grandson, Stephen Kupakwesu, I thought of saving trees and charcoal burners and the changing weather patterns created by damming the Zambezi River with Kariba Dam. Now the issue of climate change is even more urgent.

Let me explain how you can help me – please!  Somehow, get hold of my book, read it, share it and promote it for the sake of its important message.

I have given away as many books as I can but still need more readers. If you like, you can buy it immediately via the Books page on this site.

Changing weather affects us all

Today is grey and cloudy but the earth is dry and hard. Increasing carbon in the air holds moisture without giving rain. Sometimes the weather is too hot, sometimes it’s too cold – sometimes just fierce and extreme.

I grew up a farmer’s daughter in Africa so staring at the sky and wishing for rain was what we did. Weather watching and gardening have been my preoccupation all my life.

As I went around my garden this morning I photographed some of the things that are essential for all our lives.

Maximum and minimum thermometer – every year it gets hotter.
Our sustainable woodpile essential for our winter fire
The rain gauge waits for rain
The well in our garden is often almost dry and is polluted by agricultural chemicals

Leave a comment below to tell me if these things matter to you also, even if you have different ways of accessing them than we do in our small rural village.

Treat yourself and others

You can buy my book on Amazon.uk and Amazon.fr and at African Books Collective or at Bookworld or Gadsden Publishers in Lusaka. I hope it will be at the House Of Books in Harare Zimbabwe soon. Please, please – do get a copy and read it. Then – if you think it is good enough – write a review about it.

A shallow spring flows away down the river. In the centre of the photo is a circle of green weed and on its left is a small orange-coloured snake.
Just for your pleasure – the source of the river Boutonne. If you look carefully there is a small orange snake on the weeds in the centre of the water.

Another idea is to buy some copies and donate them to a school or a library or an environmental group or wildlife club that you know and where the book will do some good and help raise awareness!

Tidying up

Last I want to apologise for publishing the same post twice last week. Internet problems and rather a lot of travelling around have been disruptive.

I also made a number of corrections to my posts because I asked everyone I met in Zambia and Zimbabwe for feedback and input. This is something I welcome from all of you and appreciate very much when you do respond to my posts. Thank you!

6 Comments on “Dust and Rain needs your help please”

  1. Anne

    Hi, Ruth, I ‘m afraid I missed the publication of your book, due to lots of distractions, but I’m going to order it now, and perhaps order a copy for my cousin in England, who has grandchildren.

    I’m a bit ‘surchargée’ at the moment with trying to think of ways for Luan to find €50,000 to record his first disk and try to launch his career (stalled by 2 years of COVID). so I don’t have a lot of inventive energy to spare.

    I also find the whole climate thing overwhelming, the problems are so vast . . .

    Anyway, I’ll order the books, and maybe make other comments later.

    All the best,

    PS – I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree that love – just love – is all we need now.

    1. Ruth Hartley

      Hi Anne – yes indeed creative plans are very hard to find funding for – I do hear of people who have crowdfunded successfully. It does all pile on the stress at every level. All the best – Ruth

    1. Ruth Hartley

      Hi Anne – it’s one of those frequent occurrences on Amazon. Ruptures in stock seldom last long. I’m afraid they are more common with certain books notably those from or about Africa.

    1. Ruth Hartley

      Hi Lucy
      I hope that you’ve got my book by now and are managing to find time to read it in your busy life!

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