Dancing and carolling through the dark days of the winter solstice

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Season’s Greetings

Best wishes and greetings to all who read my posts – have a happy, green and gorgeous winter.

Here are are some wonderful songs to listen to over the solstice

It will soon be the night of the Winter Solstice

Keep your fires burning and your candles lit throughout the longest night

Bring in enough firewood to keep your family warm on the cold days

Dance and sing to keep warm and to celebrate life

Decorate your home with evergreen leaves and branches for good fortune

Make a feast of wine and good food to share with your friends

Offer kindness and charity to those in need, it is a human duty

This is a time to spend with your beloved.

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Poem Plant Life by Ruth Hartley in white text centred over a background picture of green succulents and a network of thorns over volcanic earth, taken at Lanzarote

5 Comments on “Dancing and carolling through the dark days of the winter solstice”

  1. Carol

    Thank you for bringing a Christmassy feel to my emails this morning.
    Have a wonderful Christmas both of you and all the best for 2018
    Carol xx

    1. Ruth Hartley

      Thank you Carol – you do a great deal for other people’s Christmasses so I am glad you enjoyed this – and Best Wishes for the New Year

    1. Ruth Hartley

      Hi Emma – thank you – I am delighted that you especially enjoyed it as I know you don’t much like poetry

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